Published: 05 January, 2018

Every business and personal setup, whether it is related to arts, marketing or even health care, needs a strong online persona. In the extremely digitalized world that we live in today, having a strong online presence means everything. Not only do can you appear more professional by having a personized digital presence, but you can also deliver your dental services and explain different processes more conveniently. The majority of your customers are looking for their solutions online and if you are not there to respond, chances are they will never know you exist. This is why it is just as essential for a dentistry clinic to have a strong online marketing strategy as it is for it to have exceptional dental services. Let us first discuss why it is essential for you to have a strong online presence before we delve into the many benefits of different digital marketing strategy for your brand.

Why a dentistry clinic needs an online presence?

You may be confused about the link between a health care unit and the need for online marketing. Well, to make things simple your brand and your name is what matters. Slowly, as the world has shifted to rely on digital media and the internet, appearing online to your potential patients is of utmost importance. People search for their health care problems online; they search up the potential cures online and then finally the health care facility as well!

Now if you have a good online persona with good reviews and a striking and professional website, chances are that more potential patients will be convinced of your service. Dentistry and oral medicine is a cosmetic field. Patients want the very best to ensure they will have the best results. In this case, they will certainly choose the service with the best online persona and reviews to approach the best doctors and healthcare specialists in the field.

Moreover, you can actually divert patients to valuable videos on your website that will help conserve time. Videos can actually explain a complex procedure better and save dentists a lot of time. A great website with an interactive learning platform directed towards patients can actually help your dentistry clinic claim more patients for the long term.

Now that we have established the importance of having a digitalized marketing strategy and an online persona, let us see how the different aspects of a digital firm can benefit your dentistry clinic. You may be surprised by how diverse the approach is and how valuable each package can be for your healthcare service.

Logo matters

It all starts from the very basic. Your name, your logo your statement. Believe it or not, a good and professional logo may mean the difference between a yes and a no from an online viewer. A logo is your brand recognition, the online persona that helps clients identify you from afar. Creating one is necessary for you to stand out. We, at REX Solution, have exceptional capabilities, which allow us to create the perfect logo for you. Whether you need a minimalistic design or prefer an elaborate display, we can certainly help you create your online appearance according to your needs. You need to consider the fact that a brand logo helps set you apart from other sand will surely give you a professional online look, which is vital Importance to your dentistry clinic.

You may not realize it but consider every famous and well-established health centers. Every one of them has a brand recognition logo that showcases the name of the healthcare facility, allowing you and others to recognize it from afar.

Website creation

It is important to have a domain registered in your name. This gives your dentistry clinic a unique authenticity that is unlike that of a page. A website gives your health care center a professional look. Moreover, having a domain registered in your name means that clients can potentially search up your name and arrive at the most authentic source of information. You can update your dental services there, your past cases, unique clients and cases as well as certain terms and services. Furthermore, you can update any rules and regulations, any special services as you desire. It gives you a blank canvas to post valuable information about your clinic and attract potential patients.

Dental Website Portfolio

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Designs and Adaptations

As you set up a website, you need to use the best design that will suit your health care needs. It should be user-friendly, interactive and most of all fast! Yes, a mobile responsive and web responsive design is of critical importance. This is because more than 50% of your clients use their handheld devices to search dental services. This means if you have not optimized your website for the mobile version, the page will take much longer to load. This can affect your long-term customers and your revenue for the dentistry clinic. We all know that building customer starts from the very basic. You need to grasp the client and impress them so that they will not look through other potential solutions. Having a fast website with a professional outlook and an interactive design will help you achieve this.

Local SEO Integration

Now that you have your website up and the design sorted out, you still have certain important points to look into. The SEO optimization is at hand. Of course, there are millions of websites like your dentistry clinic on the web. However, in order to promote them and make them appear on the front page of Google, you need to incorporate different SEO tactics.

REX Solution, with its years’ worth of experience, is able to provide you with different SEO services built to optimize your website. These include special white-hat SEO tactics that include link integration, keyword building, listings, cross-linking and more. In addition to this, we also enable specialized SEO optimization tools on your website that will help you continue to optimize content on your own in the long run!

Paid SEO

On the other hand, when traffic is hard to come by, we also help you promote your service online using special paid search advertisement techniques. This will help you target a special group, in a special area. This is advertising your service to the people you think are more likely to respond. Hence, paid advertisement can help you target people that are actually looking for dental servies and will help you gain more patients.

Just like you would advertise your dentistry clinic on other modes of media such as the TV or the pamphlets, the internet has become the most valuable source of advertisement. The reason is that almost every person is using the World Wide Web and when they are shown a valuable advert with a potential solution for their problem they are sure to click that way and arrive at your original domain, which again highlights the importance of having an authentic domain name.

In addition to this, Google AdWords allows you to create ads for your website and allows you to integrate potential advertisement companies that will serve to increase your revenues. This means you can actually use your site as a valuable source of added income, thanks to the correlation with Google AdWords. This is another potential door of income that you can open.

Social media integration

In today’s world, the social media platforms play an important role in uplifting any business. People talk about different businesses including dental services on social platforms, which can benefit your clinic as well. Linking your clinic with the many portals including Facebook, Google+ and Yelp will allow your past patients and potential ones to interact with one another and review your clinic. This builds a stronghold of trust among your patients and increases the chances of a new patient availing your service. It’s all about the online authenticity at the moment, and good, valuable reviews from organic patients is one fool proof way of popularizing your dental services fast.

App Creation

Many people now use their hand geld devices for fast access to different websites. In this case, creating an app that synchronizes with your clinic is a great idea to cater to your patient needs. A professional app can help optimize user experience on the mobile in a number of ways. For instance, it can help users to book their appointments online. Moreover, the app can have prescheduled reminders, which will help remind patients of an appointment at hand. All of these features can help to increase customer satisfaction and will enhance their trust in your dentistry clinic. A health care facility is recognized by the level of care it delivers and mobile optimization by App integration can help you fortify your health care delivery and patient care.

Content Creation and optimization

Once you have built the main structure of the website you need valuable content to improve inbound links. This content is usually based on commonly searched problems. They serve to increase traffic to your official website for a specific problem, which then cleverly incorporates the solution, your clinic, into their mind in the end. This will help to solve the patient’s problem, increase traffic to your site and will increase clients, integrating different aspects of the entire aspect to benefit your dentistry clinic. As more people find solutions to their problems on your site, the chance of making more long-term clients increases by several folds.

Where optimization is concerned, all the content that is posted online is regularly checked by search engine spiders. This is why it needs to be optimized, the sentence structure verified, the information assessed and the keywords integrated. We can help you with original content that is highly optimized for your service. This will help to make your website stand out from all the rest. In addition, it will also appeal to all the search engine crawlers out there and help your website appear on googles topmost results, making it highly likely for a client to click on your website.

Video and Photo Gallery

We all know the value of HD photography as well as animation videos. You can avail our services to get authentic pictures and highly specialized videos to complement your website. Explaining complex procedures to your patients can be time demanding. However, a video can help deliver your point better and help your patients understand complex processes easily. Employing the visual technique is certainly one valuable way of educating your patients and gaining their trust. Not only will it help your client understand different protocols or dental services, but it will also help your viewer interact with you and your dentistry clinic, which will surely increase your chances of making long-term relationships.

An Online Sync

In addition to the website and dental services itself, you can also create a valuable online platform that is synced with your dental clinic. We help you publish products, medicines, materials as well as schedule appointments online. This system can be synced with your administration and management resulting in a highly diverse and versatile website, incorporating every feature that a dental clinic must have.

Why choose REX Solution?

Thinking about all the valuable benefits we just mentioned, it is evident that a dentistry clinic will benefit from digital optimization. It can give your clinic that boosts that you always wanted. However, of all the services out there, why choose Rex Solutions?

Well, for one thing, we are a team of professional designers and digital experts with over 20 years of experience. We have designed many websites of the like in the past and can surely deliver excellence. Our designers are expert in a variety of fields and able to tackle problems and cater to your requests as you say. This allows us to design a professional website strictly for your dentistry clinic needs and your preference.

It does not matter how many time you need us to alter a specific part. We are here to cater to all your revision requests. This is because we believe in delivering excellence. Your requests are our topmost priority, which helps us deliver exceptional quality content that is highly personalized to your requests.

Furthermore, we offer you the complete ownership of the entire code as well as the SSL certificate once you are satisfied with the result and the content. We assure you that the website ownership will be transferred completely and REX Solution will have no claim on any of the code or any materials after the transfer.

Besides this, we also offer ongoing maintenance and technical support for your dentistry clinic website for 1 year for free. This means that we assess all your problems and solve them. We will solve all technical issues that will arise if any and will certainly offer our support and guidance in case you need any assistance for 1 year. This is to ensure that you are content with the website and the website is running at its full capacity!

All of these benefits point in your favor. Yes, it is a big step and a complicated one to indulge in a website and make one from scratch. However, we at REX Solution are here to guide and help you every step of the way. In today’s world, branding is just as important as the dental services of your dentistry clinic themselves ad catering to your patient’s needs beforehand is vital. It is time that you seriously think about your online persona to help stand up and stand out!

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