We offer a diverse range of services geared to fortify your online presence and maximize revenues. We employ our experienced designers and developers to collaborate with you in order to deliver highly customized services ensuring your satisfaction. Offering web development, striking logos, unique and interactive video animation, seamless app development and SEO optimization, we strive to deliver excellence ANYTIME and EVERYTIME!


Do you think that your website has what it takes to cater to your clients? Does it achieve your objective and portray your ideas effectively? There are a number of factors that you need to take care of when creating a website and if it’s not done professionally, chances are that your website will fail to achieve the target and the audience that you designed it for. However, you don’t need to worry, because we believe that we have a solution. REX Solution is an experienced web design company that knows how to revamp or create websites to help boost conversion rates and hence, profitability.

Our experienced designers collaborate with you to understand and pinpoint the valuables in your design and create a bespoke web design that is geared towards building your web presence accordingly. We understand that no one size fits all, hence we identify the unique need of our clients and deliver exceptional designs that are specially created to serve your requirements.

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A catchy logo is one of the primary means of catching your buyer’s attraction. If you don’t have a good means of describing yourself, you run the risk of losing the identity of your company. We specialize in designing logos with different concepts. Our client’s wishes are the highest priority. However, we also augment concepts and suggest innovative additions to the design that make a logo, truly unique. Any symbol can be a representation, however, a true connection with the product and accurate representation of the brand is what sets an exceptional logo apart! Our designers work in sync presenting a number of different concepts for you to visualize.

We then move on to impose your requested wishes and the theme of the business, keeping the purpose in mind to create an exceptional logo that truly makes an impact. We, at REX Solution, understand that buyers may wish to modify a proposed design further. This is why we work on the little details, revising different parts to ensure satisfaction of our clients. The final logo is then materialized using the vector images, and infused with vibrant colors to produce a stunning representation of your brand or business.

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The use of the smartphone and internet globally has resulted in massive increase in people surfing the net via their in-hand gadgets. To aim your brand at these customers and to enhance the user experience, you need to simplify your business into an app. Not only does this give your clients immediate access to your services, but it also boosts interaction and loyalty. You need to take advantage of this means of promoting yourself to establish your business on a wider front. To be able to compete with your rivals, adopting these means of promotion. We at REX Solution excel at a variety of mobile app development services including Tagged ads, full pages, banners, coherent linking with due respect to security, ensuring the privacy of your clients and your business.

We also possess the skills for manipulating and creating cross-platform apps allowing us to provide comprehensive solutions for any app problem that you incur. Designing apps for a wide variety of platforms over the years, hence giving us the experience and skills required to create apps for Android, iOS, Symbian, and Blackberry. A good service needs to be delivered by an easy to use, comprehensive solution that is available at your fingertips and we can get you there!

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We all know Google is the primary source of traffic to any website. However, with the boom in web development and the existence of billions of pages, competing with your rivals for a place on Google's first page is a mission itself. We all know that if you are not on Google's first page, you may as well be nonexistent for the buyer. To combat this, search engine optimization is a powerful tool that can raise your website from gloomy nothingness to being the center of attraction. Our services include a detailed competitor and website analysis of your page to suggest a strategic approach for boosting your rankings.

A good strategy employs diverse techniques, and top-notch SEO practices to deliver quality services and improve conversion rates in an authentic manner. We carry out industry relevant keyword research by employing the latest innovative tools, revealing valuable search patterns that we implement on your website to boost traffic and multiply conversion rates.

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We Tranform Your Business

The online presence of a business is vital to making a strong relationship with your client. We at REX Solution, are skilled at helping you establish a strong business image from scratch. Whether it’s an brand logo, or the creation of an interactive, user-friendly web site, solving tech issues as well as building new apps, Search Engine Optimization or animated video. We can deliver the results that you want!

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