Revision policy

We aim to cater to your needs precisely this is why we offer unlimited revisions and reviews without any added charges. However, we do ensure that the design and concept are not altered. We try our best to deliver the revisions within a 48-72 hour time frame.

Refund policy

Please take note that we are not liable to return funds once the initial design and concept are approved by the buyer. We also hold the right to terminate a contract in the unfortunate event of a suspected breach of policy or client non-compliance with our stated agreements. The conditions for our refund policy include the following:

  • The refund policy does not include any designs that have been initially approved by the client. However, if the design is yet to be approved, the client can request a refund.
  • You are liable to a full return policy excluding the 15% management fee if you request a refund before submission of the initial concept by REX Solution.
  • If you submit a refund request within 48-72 hours of submission of the initial concept by REX Solution, you will be offered 66% of the original amount excluding the 15% management fee.
  • You will be refunded 33% of the refund amount as well as the 15% management fee if the refund request is submitted within 72-120 hours of submission of the primary concept by REX Solution.
  • We are not liable to give refunds after 120 hours of delivery of the primary concept.
  • The refund request limit is within 30 days based on the above 4 conditions of delivery by the REX Solution’s team. If you wish to reactivate a project, a management fee is again deducted before project continuation.
  • We withhold the right to accept or reject refund requests based on our agreement with individual clients and our policy. In any case, you may submit a refund request to our customer support who will guide you further.
  • We are not liable to give refunds if the design in question was originally submitted by the client.
  • Refund policy stays the same for the different custom packages.
  • Refund is only allowed with valid reasoning. You need to provide valid refund requests with actual reasons for requesting the refund.
  • Before we finalize a concept, we require authentic approval from the client. It lies with the responsibility of the client to submit feedback once we submit the requested designs.
  • We ensure originality of our work, hence any resemblance to existing designs is purely coincidental. However, REX Solution will not accept any such claims and urge the clients to copyright their designs for safety.

Refund procedure

In order to place a refund request you can:

  • Contact us at our number +1-647-272-0099
  • Email us your queries at
  • Live chat with our customer representatives

We will get back to you as soon as possible and attend to your needs. It is our pleasure to help you with anything that is within our power and the limits of our policy. As soon as we receive your request we will forward your query to our refund department who will contact you regarding the issue later on.

  • Once we do process the refund, we are the rightful owner of any designs or concepts that were initially submitted to the client.
  • We collaborate with the Government Copyright agencies to prevent the unlawful use of any of our designs after refund.
  • You can always inquire more about our refund policy by contacting us at our email.

Quality Assurance policy

We have strict quality control policies where we follow the instructions provided by our clients to ensure quality service.
We follow thoroughly researched steps to ensure that we deliver quality work every time.

Delivery Policy

We aim to deliver our projects on the date specified on our ‘order confirmation’ file. You will receive a specific email regarding your order whenever you place the order or request revisions, confirm orders and send overpayments. Order revision and refund are based on the time zone of the client to avoid misunderstandings.

Customer support

We offer a 24-hour customer support policy to cater to your needs and address any questions that you may have regarding our services.

100% original

We ensure that all our designs are 100% original and crafted to meet our client’s needs.

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